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Peace Of Mind Pets RVA, LLC

Peace of Mind Pets RVA, LLC is located in Midlothian, Virginia and serves Midlothian, Chesterfield County, and the greater Richmond, Virginia area. The idea for the business germinated when Cyndi found she couldn’t find a suitable pet boarding and pet sitting facility for her 3 cats. She visited many great facilities in the area, but found they provided only cages for her fur babies, and very little human interaction. She wanted peace of mind that her babies would be just as cared for when she traveled as they were when she was home. Since she felt that kind of experience didn’t yet exist, she decided to create it for others and Peace of Mind Pets RVA, LLC was born!

Imagine leaving on vacation and knowing your dogs, cats, birds, fish, lizards, and other non-human children were going to have just as much care and fun as they do when you’re home with them. Or, that when you leave for work for the day, your dog walker will make sure your pup(s) have a fun walk, and a treat (always a treat!) to look forward to mid-day. That’s the experience Cyndi and her team strive to offer with Peace of Mind Pets RVA, LLC. They will treat your animals as if they were their own! Both animal lovers, Cyndi and her husband, Chris enjoy spending time with all kinds of animals, from the big to the small. So, if you’re worried about your pet’s happiness while you’re away, don’t! Give them a call today and set up a FREE meet and greet consultation. You’ll see their passion for pets and know you’ve found your pets a couple new best friends. 

We use Time To Pet to streamline communication between our company and our clients!

Time To Pet is an easy to use website and app that lets you schedule services for your pet and receive messages from us prior to, during, and after our services.


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What does it mean for a business to be a Pet Sitters International member?

We are a member of Pet Sitters International. PSI is an educational organization that keeps member businesses informed on the latest pet-care best practices, pet health and behavior information, tips to ensure the safety of your pets and home—and much more.

By joining PSI, we display our commitment to:

  • Professionalism
  • Continuing education
  • Ethical business practices

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